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  • Low through facility with multiple final assembly areas; Automated LED/electronic component insertion; 100% solid state electronics; Conformal coating on drive electronics; Environmentally-sealed digits and modules; Printed circuit board fabrication; Wave solder and aqueous wash; Computerized metal fabrication; Proprietary calibration systems; Multiple paint booths and overhead cranes; Component and system test facilities; Indoor shipping and loading

  • Nationtronics have more than 400000 square meter manufacturing space with world leading advanced automatic production lines.
    Our engineering and technical support team comprises of 120 professional staff. High-performance products, integrated solutions and professional service have always been the center of our goals, we have a dedicated team of 70 employees in our QC department. Our Central lab occupies about 1000 square meter and has over 60 testing devices.

  • NPP LED display; Sports LED display; Indoor LED display; Outdoor LED display; Rental LED display Fixed LED display; Dual-maintenance LED display; Flexible LED display; COB LED display; Dancing floor LED display; Creative LED display LED Cabinet; LED Module; 360 degree LED Display; 3D LED Display; 4D LED Display; Advertising LED Display; Arc LED Display; Bendable LED Display; Bus LED Display; Car LED Display; Christmas Tree LED Display; Church LED Display; Circular LED Display; Commercial LED Display; Cross LED Display; Cube LED Display; Curtain LED Display; Digital LED Display; DIP LED Display; DJ LED Display; Dot Matrix LED Display; Double sided LED Display; Dual color LED Display; Eenergy saving LED display; Front Service LED display; Full color LED Display; Glass LED Display; Hanging LED Display; HD LED Display; Hotel LED Display; LED Display cabinet; LED Display Module; Message LED Display; Mobile LED Display; Outdoor HD LED Display; Poster LED Display; Programmable LED Display; Restaurant LED Display; Retail LED Display; Round LED Display; Scrolling LED Display; Single color LED Display; SMD LED Display; Sphere LED Display; Square LED Display; Stage LED display; Taxi Roof LED Display; Totem LED Display; Traffic LED Display; Transparent LED Display; Transportation LED Display; UHD LED Display; Wall mounted LED Display; Waterproof LED Display; Wedding LED Display; Wifi LED Display; Window LED Display; Xposter LED Display

  • Deliver industry leading value to our customers by engaging our employees through challenging and rewarding opportunities, and developing strategic partnerships with our suppliers, and leveraging our strengths in product innovation, manufacturing, and service; while contributing to the betterment of our communities, and generating an attractive return for our investors. Offering reliable products to optimize productivity and business efficiency and maintain the highest standards of design and quality. Nationtronics pride ourselves on coming up with unique customized solutions for every project. Nationtronics hardly working with architects, designers, engineers and consultants to blend the LED display project with an environment. Manufacturing industry leading product to provide that WOW factor for our customer.

Nationtronics is the World's Leader LED display manufacturer.
Nationtronics is the World's Leader in NPP LED and Premier Provider of Visual Experiences
Nationtronics give you the ability to see: the imagery, the data, the advertising, the movie, the show, the presentation, the dashboard, the game. In this way, display technology creates experiences.
Nationtronics is the world's leader in designing and manufacturing LED display.
It's our passion to continuously provide the highest quality standard display products as well as custom-designed and integrated systems.

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