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Hotel LED signs is widely used for various Hotels to increase sales by 15% to over 50%. It's Time to Modernize Your Hotel. Do you get tired of constantly updating your menu? Does your sign out front still display last season's specials? LED display are the quickest way to keep your Hotel......

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Hotel LED signs is widely used for various Hotels to increase sales by 15% to over 50%.

It's Time to Modernize Your Hotel. Do you get tired of constantly updating your menu? Does your sign out front still display last season's specials? LED display are the quickest way to keep your Hotel up-to-date in when it comes to menu changes and advertisements.


More than any other industry, hotels thrive when they're packed with occupants. You've covered your bases with online listings and word-of-mouth, but what's the absolute best way to snag new customers right off the street?


Hotel LED signs. And here's why:

Hotel LED signs provide the highest visibility for your message-they're brighter, easier on the eyes and visible from longer distances than regular signboards;

Over time, your needs change-and so will your LED display. They're completely programmable, meaning you can seamlessly switch between daily room specials or advertise your new-and-improved breakfast buffet;

High-quality digital displays go above and beyond the capabilities of traditional signs-wow your customers with full-color views of your pool, dining facilities or immaculate rooms and let your hotel speak for itself;

MEGA's LEDs are one of the best tools at your disposal for booking yourself solid.

Show Your Guests Exactly What They Want

Imagine you've been on the road all day, and it's time to hit the hay. What's going to grab your attention more.

A dingy old sign advertising clean rooms and free breakfast in block letters, or a stunning slide show of a spotless bed and a piping hot stack of pancakes?

And that's exactly what your future guests are going to think when they see your Hotel LED sign.


Benefits of Nationtronics Hotel LED signs.

Crystal clear displays eliminate customer confusion when ordering; Instantly and cleanly update your menu to reflect seasonal, daily or other limited-time offers; Roughly 30% of customers report LED displays influence their buying decisions, and a majority of people prefer visiting Hotels that use LEDs; And perhaps even more importantly, customers who view LED displays while waiting feel that they actually spend less time waiting-whether that's in line or for their dinner to arrive.

You don't need to train your fry cooks in molecular gastronomy to modernize-that's what DDS is here for.

Fast and Reliable, Just Like the Rest of Your Business

LED display-as menus or storefront displays-are the secret ingredient of savvy, forward-thinking Hotel owners. After all, nobody likes heading out in the cold to change your reader-board sign from "Happy Thanksgiving" to "Happy New Year."


Turn those drive-bys into diners with Nationtronics Hotel LED signs. 

Potential customers are driving by your business every day - how do you effectively influence their buying habits? Replace, augment or eliminate traditional forms of costly print or broadcast advertising with instantly recognizable on premise electronic marketing.

With so many choices for Hotels, people often rely on cues to make a decision where to eat. Hotels that invest in a bright, eye-catching LED display instantly have an advantage over the competition. Hotels that have invested in an outdoor or indoor LED display have found increases of up to 150% in business, according to studies conducted by the Small Business Association. Nationtronics Visual Solutions’ high quality, LED display are designed to increase your visibility and connect with your customers.


Increase Traffic

People often determine where they are going to eat on impulse. Our ultra-bright LED custom signs allow you to display eye-catching, dynamic messages that will grab the attention of people going by. With over millions of color, text and image possibilities, you can deliver a lasting impression that will get new customers coming through the doors and keep old ones coming back.


Inexpensive Advertising

Hotels can easily spend thousands of dollars every year advertising on radio, newspapers, and television and online and suffering expensive, reoccurring production costs for each. But investing in an LED display for your Hotel is only a one-time cost. Our simple sign software allows you customize text, logos and images to display everything from daily specials, menu changes and job openings. Updating your sign is done manually and at no additional costs compared to expensive newspaper, radio and television ads.



For over 20 years we have continually improved and redesigned our Hotel signs to be the most cost efficient LED display available. The 60,000+ hour LED lights and the lightweight, durable design allow for both low energy costs and a reduced installation price tag. Our signs are also locally serviced by a network of quality sign dealers to ensure the success and functionality of each sign.


Nationtronics Hotel LED signs Features:

Advertise hourly breakfast, lunch and dinner menu specials to dramatically increase impulse purchases

Reduce perceived wait time while informing, selling and entertaining customers

Promote value-added services like catering and free delivery

Promote value-added services such as free rental trucks, time for moving

Run "help wanted" ads for extra seasonal or holiday servers and cooks

Broadcast community involvement and local activity sponsorship

EMCs are a smart alternative to yellow pages or newspaper ads.

Light, color and motion demand attention and produce results.

There is no more effective or cost effective ad medium available today.

Improve your on-premise traffic by influencing impulse purchases

Upsell other products and services to in-store customers

Pixel Pitch: 1.25mm, 1.5625mm, 1.667mm, 1.875mm, 1.923mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 2.84mm, 2.98mm, 3mm, 3.91mm, 4mm, 4.81mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7.62mm, 10mm, 3.334mm, 5.95mm, 6.67mm, 8mm, 16mm, 20mm

Brightness: 800-1500nits for indoor, 5000-9000nits for outdoor

Wide viewing angle: 160°/160°.

Shockproof & Dustproof

Seamless Splicing

Front maintenance, front installation: no maintenance space needed behind the screen;

Ultra-quiet, fan-less operation at the video wall as well as efficient cooling and improved maintenance access.

Super slim: 30% thinner than conventional aluminum cabinet

Super lightweight: 33% lighter than conventional aluminum cabinet, 75% lighter than iron cabinet.

Fast cooling: excellent heat dissipation performance to protect the module circuit

Anti-interference: Special anti-electromagnetic interference function

High-strength: tensile test to reach 300KG, more strength than conventional aluminum cabinet

Easy installation: Special fast lock, only need 20 second to complete the installation of one cabinet

Super High precision: seamless splicing after CNC processing, less than 0.01mm tolerance

High universality: Can be installed arbitrary hole machining, indoor and Hotel LED signs

Good corrosion resistance and the following benefits:

Good thermal and electrical conductivity


Hotel LED display cases

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