P1.25 LED Display

P1.25 LED Display

NPP1.25mm Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display: 1.25mm Narrow Pixel Pitch:640000pixels/㎡ pixel density with best color performance 160 degree wide view angel, vivid image, high definition which is suitable for indoor application; High brightness,low attenuation,high reliability and good consistency;......

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NPP1.25mm Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display: 1.25mm Narrow Pixel Pitch:640000pixels/㎡ pixel density with best color performance

160 degree wide view angel, vivid image, high definition which is suitable for indoor application;

High brightness,low attenuation,high reliability and good consistency;

Non-granular, better color uniformity, non-mosaic phenomenon;

Multi-layer circuit board makes the uniform distribution of current distribution, quick heat dispelling, long life span and high reliability;

High brightness, high contrast black face SMD LED with 8000:1 contrast ratio.

Narrow Pixel Pitch UHD LED technology adopts high density and Narrow Pixel Pitch SMD encapsulation LED as display panel. The technology supports seamless splice so as to form high resolution digital display system, and meets multiple demands in different fields, such as radio and television, command and control, video surveillance and conference featuring high resolution. The outstanding performance of the technology facilitate its leadership in future display for indoor.

Pixel Pitch: 1.25mm

Refresh rate: 3840Hz

Pixel configuration: SMD0808

Pixel Density: 640000 Pixels/ m2

Module Resolution: 160 Pixels × 135 Pixels

Module size: 200 mm×168.75mm

Module weight: 0.4KG

Module Maximum power consumption: 40W

Module Maximum Current: 8A

Brightness: 800 adjustable

Contrast ratio: 5000:1

Color processing level: 16 Bit

Cabinet Dimension: 600×337.5×80 mm


Magnetic module design, Install / Detach Modules Fast and Easily

Nationtronic NPP Series, is the world's first wall-mounted LED former safeguard Narrow Pixel Pitch led display. Real front maintenance, Leopard Series support front-maintenance of module, power supply and controlling card. Customized tool, attract/desorb module easily.

Easy Maintenance with Front-access Design

Module, power supply and receiving card can be accessed from the front, rapidly improving maintenance speed.

Quick Installation with Magnetic Module

Magnetic module design enables 5 times quicker installation than average screw module.

Wall-mounted LED Former Safeguard Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display, Perfect Replacement LCD

Fixed installation on simple structure like LCD, perfectly replace LCD, save both time and labor. Perfect 16:9 format, four cabinets screen is exact 55”, same video source as LCD.

Dual backup to ensure securer operation

Dual backup for power supply, control card and convenient connector. Double signal power supply standby and two-circuit signal input, automatic detection of signal completeness. In case of failure in one power supply, another power supply automatically starts to ensure the normal operation of the display screen.

Easy Simple handle and Light leak prevention design

Simple handle, can be pulled down. Top handle design, easy to carry. Light leak prevention design, flexible rubber around cabinets.

Die-casting Cabinet, Extreme Precision

High precision seamless, concave/convex groove & location pin ensure perfect flatness.

Application places

Ideal for auditorium, conference room, banquet hall and exhibition presentations, traffic, studio, command and monitor system.


1.Standard unit design supporting any size for the whole screen- authentic seamless splice

2.Point by point correction of brightness and chromes to ensure the high reducibility and consistency of the whole screen color and brightness

3.High contrast, much fast response and high refresh rate to meet the demand of high speed image display

4.The features -low brightness but high gray, adjustable brightness of the whole screen-meet the demands of indoor display

5.Color temperature from 2500k to 10000k meets kinds of demands in different fields, the technology is especially suitable for some application that has special demand in color,such as studio, virtual simulation, video conference and medical display

6.Die-casting aluminum cabinet, high efficient dissipation without fan and noise

7.100thousand hours life-span, convenient for maintenance, cost reduction

8.Support operation for 7*24 incessantly

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Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display is also called fine pitch LED display, small pixel pitch LED display which is a fast developing market and popular now since the advantages of seamless, higher contrast, higher brightness, higher gray grade etc. 

Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display has elevated the industry standard for image and video quality. Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display provide new opportunities for content previously restricted to LCD video wall. The smaller and tighter pixel spacing create a more detailed and crisp appearance, making these products ideal if you want to add an element of luxury and high quality to your location. Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display deliver true-to-source color reproductions and pristine image quality with smaller available physical space at a closer viewing distance.

Even a relatively small size Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display can have an extremely high resolution. Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display produce more heat than traditional pixel pitches because more LEDs are concentrated together in the product design. Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display's performance depends on managing this heat to keep color reproduction and brightness at peak performance. Our Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display effortlessly manage heat, with half of the power consumption of an industry standard solution and cool operation even at full brightness.

Narrow Pixel Pitch LED display mainly refers to the models which the pixel pitch no more than 2.5mm, such as P2.5mm, P2.0mm, P1.923mm, P1.875mm, P1.667mm, P1.562mm, P1.25mm, P1.2mm, P1.0mm, P0.88mm, P0.75mm etc. Narrow Pixel Pitch LED display need high precision SMT machine to produce since common SMT machine can just produce the pixel pitch which is bigger than 2.5mm. Our factory have the industry's highest precision super high-speed SMT machine from Japan Yamaha which is equiped for Narrow Pixel Pitch LED display production. Narrow Pixel Pitch LED display market is increasing more than 70% in the last 2 years and is still increasing much faster than the conventional products. 

System Diagram 


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