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Outdoor Fixed LED Display

OOH(Out of Home) Advertising LED display Super Light weight high precision waterproof die-casting cabinet: reduce the load-bearingof steel structure and building, easy to installation and dissemble, and can be mounted on the wall. Operation temperatur -20 ℃ --60 ℃ normal workingenvironments,......

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OOH(Out of Home) Advertising LED display

Super Light weight high precision waterproof die-casting cabinet: reduce the load-bearingof steel structure and building, easy to installation and dissemble, and can be mounted on the wall.

Operation temperatur -20 ℃ --60 ℃ normal workingenvironments, doesn't need air-conditioner, can dissipateheat itself, saving energy and labor cost.

Protection Level IP65, doesn't need edge, born for outdoor fixed installation, save cost of steel structure.





The OOH Advertising LED display comes in a slim and lightweight cabinet with a shared power supply and controller and only four alignment points. In this way, it offers more flexibility and significantly shortens installation and alignment time, and dramatically reduces weight. Thank to its typhoon test, IP rating, and outdoor SMD technology, the OOH Advertising LED display  is designed for fixed installation in 24/7 outdoor branding and advertising.

Unique cost-reducing design

The OOH Advertising LED display 's unique design eliminates the need for a custom-calibrated secondary steel structure which is required for conventional tile-based LED screens. Built on self-supporting and scalable cabinets, it is directly fastened onto the main attachment points, which significantly cuts the cost of installation and the steel structure.

Easy install

A limited set of components allows you to build modular cabinets of any size – consisting of up to eight by five LED modules, with each module measuring 40 by 40 centimeter. Measuring less than 90mm in depth and fully made of aluminum, the slim and lightweight OOH Advertising LED display  can be hung to any wall and internal components and cables can easily be accessed from the front as well as the back, without tools.

Revolutionary processing 

Next to offering outstanding image quality, the OOH Advertising LED display  also comes with the revolutionary 4K UHD image processing platform. 4K UHD excels in pixel bandwidth performance, and combines this with fully cloud-based monitoring, control and automated diagnostics.



Excellent image quality, wide viewing angles

Lowest weight in its class

Minimum installation costs

No precision supporting steel required

Ultimate reliability

Easy front AND back access

Advanced web-based setup, monitoring and control


Nationtronics OOH(Out of Home) Advertising LED display  is used in the outdoor environment and used for Fixed installation purpose which normally need high brightness, waterproof, dustproof. The application environment of OOH(Out of Home) Advertising LED display  is normally much harsh than the indoor LED display. The material & quality standard is also higher than the indoor LED display.



Nationtronics OOH(Out of Home) Advertising LED display  available models: P3mm,P3.2mm, P3.334mm, P3.91mm, P4mm, P4.81mm, P5mm, P6mm, P6.67mm, P8mm, P10mm, P16mm, P20mm. Nowdays, more and more customer need higher resolution to improve the video quality, so outdoor HD series of P4mm, P4.81mm, P5mm, P6mm is the most common used models.


With the improvement of the Outdoor LED display products on the technology and performance, shocked picture superiority can be fully matter application effect and installation, maintenance, Recently mainstream display are able to meet the needs of users, at the same time show the remarkable effect. Outdoor LED display in the large conference and exhibition, stage effect, and high-end display, and other fields, has blossomed, and had more and more extensive and practical performance. In the future, in the field of outdoor advertising, Outdoor LED display will continue to show the performance characteristics and advantages, in the traffic intersection, the bustling commercial street, etc., full-color Outdoor LED display can be uninterrupted broadcast commercials and part of the public welfare advertisement, advertising form is very diverse, which is the development trend of the advertising industry in the 21st century, Outdoor LED display is becoming a hot spot of outdoor media products, there are mainly four aspects.

1, advertising content updated faster

 Advertising agents and publishers can update advertising content of the LED electronic display . Just need to control computer operation, and the update process is not restricted by other external conditions. According to statistics, a large Outdoor LED display updates the contents of advertisements on the average monthly , and the small Outdoor LED display less than 3-4 days or a week will change the contents of advertisements.

2, release information easily

 Outdoor LED display is a computer monitor, connecting the cable or wireless communication with computer , as long as the simple set, the computer can be used to publish the contents of advertisements, be convenient and quick.

3, there are different forms of advertising

 Outdoor LED display is usually set up the traffic arteries in public places, in the form of intuitive, image, vivid advertisement attract viewers’ attention,range wider than the traditional media to watch. In addition to the outdoor advertising, but also can release information.

4,saving-energy and protect environment

 Outdoor LED display saving-energy and protect environment, all-weather work, completely adapt various outdoor bad outdoor environment, have anti-corrosive, waterproof, moisture proof, lightning protection, strong overall seismic performance, cost-effective, and shows good performance, etc.

For the future, with the development of Outdoor LED display technology, 3G communications transmission technology will popularize and apply to the field of outdoor media, the future of Outdoor LED display ads will bring more exciting to us.



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