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LED heat dissipation solution
Apr 09, 2018

LED heat dissipation solution:

To solve the problem of heat dissipation in Led, we mainly start from two aspects. Before and after the package, it can be understood as the heat dissipation of the Led chip and the heat dissipation of the Led lamp. Led chip's heat capacity is very small, a little heat accumulation will make the chip's junction temperature heat generated from its metal heat sink, first through the solder to the aluminum substrate of the PCB, and then through the thermal conductive adhesive cooling actually includes Heat conduction and heat dissipation are two parts.

However, depending on the size of the power and the place of use, the heat dissipation of the LED lamp housing may have different options. There are mainly the following cooling methods:

Aluminum heat sink fins: This is the most common way to dissipate heat. Use aluminum heat sink fins as part of the housing to increase the heat sink area.

Thermal plastic shell: When the plastic shell is injected, it is filled with a thermal conductive material to increase the thermal conductivity and heat dissipation capacity of the plastic shell.

Air-fluid mechanics: Convection air is created using the shape of the lamp housing, which is the least costly way to enhance heat dissipation.

Fan: The interior of the lamp shell is enhanced with long-life high-efficiency fans, and the cost is low and the effect is good. However, changing the fan is more troublesome and it is not suitable for outdoor use. This kind of design is rare.

Heat pipe: The use of heat pipe technology, the heat from the LED chip to the shell heat sink fins. Large lamps, such as street lamps, are common designs.

Radiant surface heat treatment: The surface of the lamp shell is radiated and heat-dissipated. The simple thing is to apply Zhisheng Weihua radiation heat-dissipating paint, which can carry heat away from the surface of the lamp shell by radiation.

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