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Pay attention to LED heat dissipation problem
Apr 09, 2018

In recent years, LED technology has received extensive attention as a new generation of lighting technology, LED power has increased, and heat dissipation has become more and more important. The long-term observation by the researchers found that this is because the LED's light decay or its lifetime is directly related to its junction temperature, heat dissipation is not good, the junction temperature is high, and the lifetime is short.

Unlike incandescent and fluorescent lamps used in the past, their energy loss is large, but most of the energy is emitted directly through infrared rays, and the light source generates less heat; while LEDs, in addition to the energy consumed as visible light, other energy is converted. Become hot. Moreover, as electronic products are gradually becoming more dense and highly integrated, Led products are no exception. Therefore, solving the problem of Led heat dissipation has become a major issue in today's efforts to improve Led performance and develop the Led industry.

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