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3D Hologram Fan LED Display

3D hologram fan display What is 3D hologram fan display? 3D holographic display is the latest product in market, based on chariot technology, it rotates to produce fantastic 3D image and video in air. It is quite suitable and popular for retail business, such as shoe store, fashion shops,......

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3D hologram fan display


What is 3D hologram fan display? 

3D holographic display is the latest product in market, based on chariot technology, it rotates to produce fantastic 3D image and video in air. It is quite suitable and popular for retail business, such as shoe store, fashion shops, restaurant, bars. This eye-catcher fan can help you to spread and share advertising efficiently.


Technical specifications

3D Hologram Fan LED Display.pngblob.png


How to manager the software?


we will provide free software for DIY content, before using software, please prepare video firstly. To achieve a good display effect, please pay more attention on below requests on video designing.

Key point one: Pure black background (will looks like 3D) is needed.

Key point two: MP4, AVI, Rmvb, Gif format video is necessary.

Key point three: . 445x445 pixels video is requested 

The fourth key point: 10-15 seconds video is suggested 

The last key point: JPG, PNG picture are all ok, you’d better prepare black background pictures

3D Video/Picture examples: (Pure black background) like below:

3D hologram fan display2019.jpg

Here some tips for you for using software: 

Tip 1, Software can only be used on Windows 7/10/XP computer. 

Tip 2, The hologram devices only read bin file, other formats can not be read directly. Also please noted that the bin file can not be opened.

OK, now, it is time to present how to use software, it is totally 10 steps:


Step 1. Copy the software from SD card to use in your computer, then open the software document, it shows like this:



Step 4. Upload finish, zoom out to be smaller to make the video in inside of red circle

3D hologram fan display2661.jpg

Step 5. Click “Ok” come to below, then click start:

3D hologram fan display2715.jpg

Step 6. Wait for transfer: 

(1s=10pngs, if 10s video, it will be 10pngs)

3D hologram fan display2820.jpg

Step 7: After transfer finished, you will see below:

3D hologram fan display2875.jpg

Step 8. Click “download” to and save it in SD Card which is plugged in PC, then click “ok”.

3D hologram fan display3002.jpg

Step 9: Rename for your video as below, then click “Ok”.

3D hologram fan display3061.jpg

Step 10: Insert SD card in fan machine, press “A” on remote controller to start, press “B” to stop playing.


If you want to make more videos one time, same way, finally will be a list

3D hologram fan display3272.jpg

Then download together use the same method, they will be played one by one. (Remark: same method to edit picture, just choose “import picture”.) 

Everything is done, a simple product, easy operation but really an eye-catching product.

Some points you may concerned:



What's the product?

3D hologram fan display

How it works?

Based on Chariot technology, the led bar rotates to

produce 3D image and video in air.

How about the diameter


How many pixels per strip

224 / 320

What the resolution it is?

450*224dots / 450* 640dots

How about the power consumption?

Max. power consumption is 15W / 18W

Viewing angle

176 °

3D effect file is needed?

No. You just need to choose the video or image with black

ground to use, no need to prepare 3D video by yourself.

What is the brightness?

800nit. (only one led strip, the brightness is not very high)

What kind of software you are using?

We have a specific software for this product, after you place

order, we will provide the software by free.

How to edit video

Install software and follow the video instructions:

How to proceed the fan

Please follow this link:

How about the life span



1 year

Display size


Product material


Can be used outdoor

1. The brightness is not very high and not suitable for outdoor application. 2. Product is not waterproof, it is not a good idea to use outdoor.

What kinds of video can be playedMP4, AVI, RMVB, GIF

How to install?

Mounted on wall, ceiling, we will prepare plate, fixtures for installation

Do we need battery to operate it

No, a motor in fan, plug in socket to use.

Where I can use it

Retail applications, such as shoe shops, fashion shops,restaurant, bars, club, etc.

It rotates in air, it is safe to use

In public place and if it is not set very high, we suggest have a cover to protect people from hurting

Does the cover reflect light

Yes, you will see the lighting reflecting if it is set in high brightness environment.

Can we use wifi for controlling


When wifi version is available

We are working on it, once it done, we will let you know

It supports remote control?

It has remote controller, it is used to turn on and turn off the fan

How about the distance from fan to remote controller

10m is no problem

Several fans can play a complete video

Yes, I will show you one case ( The robot case, which is consisted by 32fans)

How it works?

Divided the video content into several parts and each fan shows one part. In this case, you need a designer for help.

We provide video, can you design it?

We can , we will charge design cost. Please send me your video, and let me know what is the size you want to play? I mean the width and height. After evaluation, I will quote you.

How much noise does it make in decibels

We do not a official data. Just I tested by a APP on my mobile phone, 10cm, 28dB. 1m 16-18dB.

I saw the transformer robot on your site

This robot is consisted by 32pcs fan, the width and height is 2.3*2m=4.6sqm

The software only work in PC,can run in Mac?

Only works in PC, Window 7 and Windows 10 .

Product name and HS code

Hologram display, 8521909090

Revolving speed / Rotate speed


If you are interested in our product and would like to talk to us to get more information such as price, cooperation, dealership, please contact us freely!

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