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Wireless Networking System

Wireless Networking System

LED display wireless networking program One: WiFi/ X86 computer architecture, wireless way for the Bluetooth /3G (similar to Internet cafes in the wired way to change the way) Two: IPC LED hardware appearance and profile (detailed internal structure and operating instructions see IPC LED manual)......

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LED display wireless networking program

One:WiFi/ X86 computer architecture, wireless way for the Bluetooth /3G (similar to Internet cafes in the wired way to change the way)

Two: IPC LED hardware appearance and profile (detailed internal structure and operating instructions see IPC LED manual)


1.appearance diagram


2.LED IPC brief introduction:

LED-6698C IPC 

•Supported operating systems DOS/WIN98/WIN2000/WINXP/XPE/WINCE/LIUNX 

•Support paly high-definition and standard definition file.

•Support the seventh generation, the eighth generation of sending card, built-in sending card, do not need to DVI video card, so send card only need external DVI line single Ethernet port. •Can be set to the Internet, supports remote control. 

•Can achieve more than one computer control panel, a screen, can also be multiple computers control playlists usb plug which support the background dual-core CPU notebook hard disk 500 G or 1.8 G SSD solid-state drives (shock) aluminum alloy shell, Material is qualitative light, convenient and fixed. Energy conservation and environmental protection, work only about 30 w power of the IPC.


•Working Temperature:-20°-80° 

• CE certification 

Three:LED IPC software requirement 

Customer special remote publishing system, peanut shells or LED studio in the remote control

Four:Wireless networking system structure



TeamViewer Remote control scheme

1. The accused end (IPC) install TeamViewer software: (please note that the red box as picture)


2.installed Open software on the left shows the ID and password for this machine was charged with ID password: (please note that the content of the red box as picture)



3.In your notebook or office computer also install TeamViewer software, and later want to remote control of industrial computer ID on the right input connection successfully enter the password: (please note that the content of the red box as picture)




4. After the connection is successful to enter industrial computer desktop (support remote transfer file)


GO tomyCould Remote control scheme

1.Respectively in the main control (self laptop or office computer) and was accused of (IPC) on installed software

LED display wireless networking program2523.png 

2.Respectively on the main control end and accused end with the same account login (Each was charged with client can setting note name

LED display wireless networking program2688.png

3.In the main end optional remote any charged end

LED display wireless networking program2771.png 


4.The remote screen legend

LED display wireless networking program2828.png

USB The wireless card installation and the interface


Select and open the USB network card model correct drive folder (TL - Windows 7 _Win722N) (AS picture)

LED display wireless networking program2993.png 

TWO.Installed in the folder two driver package (QSS installation package, Setup installation)

LED display wireless networking program3117.png


Installed to check the driver whether it is right, the right mouse button in turn desktop "my computer" "management" - "device manager". The TP-link network card is the USB wireless network card.

LED display wireless networking program3357.jpg 



Here is connected to the Internet here:

LED display wireless networking program3460.jpg

LED display wireless networking program3462.jpg 


The ultimate decoder interface


Below the interface for the ultimate decoder setting, the decoder can support most of the file format, for better decoder. When using LED ShowT9 or other video players need to install the decoder or other decoder, so that supports multiple video formats. Usually,after installation the "ultimate decoder" without doing any Settings, but if meet some video cannot support, can adjust the options


If encounter LEDSHOWT9 cannot play the DVD files, or MPEG format file, please follow below set Mpeg2 decoder to "disable" can solve the problem.

LED display wireless networking program4089.png 


LED-6698C power on booting/timing boot Settings

One. power on booting

1.Restart your computer, press the DEL key (as far as possible according to the up and down or so key above the DEL key,) into the BIOS

2.Into the Blos choice(Advanced)options.choice the second column (Super IO Configuration Super IO Configuration) enter.

LED display wireless networking program4480.jpg 


3.Select the second (Restore AC Power Loss) enter-- the popup menu select Power On

LED display wireless networking program4588.jpg 


4.Choice(Power on)

LED display wireless networking program4637.jpg 

Press F10 save exit

note:a.(Power on) This status on illegal blackout and normal shutdown after electricity will start automatically (No matter what happens on the electricity turned on)

b.(Power off)This state under any circumstances not switched on automatically c.(Last State)This state after shutdown of electricity will not start automatically, illegal cut off the power will start automatically.


Two.Timing boot

1.Enter the Blos choice (Chipser chipset) press enter

LED display wireless networking program5136.jpg

2.Select the third item (Restore On RTC Alarm timing boot Settings) after press enter choose (enabled ,activation, open).

LED display wireless networking program5290.jpg 


4. Pop-up timing boot setting options.

LED display wireless networking program5356.jpg

RTC Alarm date (Days) (booting date:can choice-31 days,Everyday) Wake up hour (booting hour:can choice 0-24,24-hours)

Wake up minete (booting minutes:can choice 0-59) Wake up second(booting second:can choice 0-59)

LED-6698CL play TV signal Video

LED display wireless networking program5642.jpg 


1. Open folder X:USB/UT340/Drive running UT340_Drive file, Install the TV box of the driver:

LED display wireless networking program5767.png 

2. Restart the device manager to see whether device driver:


3. Open folder X:USB/UT340/APP running UT340_app file,Install the TV box moons application:



4.Desktop running moons USB applications/ LED display wireless networking program6051.jpg --open menue/ LED display wireless networking program6067.jpg --Start searching:

LED display wireless networking program6089.jpg

5.The moons application play television program sample pictures:

LED display wireless networking program6189.jpg 


6.Open LINSN studio,Add program - video - choose the video input source Select TV channel ( 4 Step has searched channel)- playing

LED display wireless networking program6356.jpg

LED display wireless networking program6358.png 

7.LINSN studio window successfully cut into the video signal play Television Programme(play after the success can put the moons application off or choose to task bar):

LED display wireless networking program6557.jpg

LED display wireless networking program6559.png 

(Note: the picture play window set in the software Settings 1000*700)


8.Use the nova software usage the same operation (only with success into video signal screenshots):

LED display wireless networking program6759.jpg

LED-6698CL IPC 3G surf the Internet operation method

1.LED-6698CL IPC

LED display wireless networking program6837.jpg 


2.Open the Mobile dial-up software,as picture:

LED display wireless networking program6913.jpg

3. Click on the link,as picture:

LED display wireless networking program6983.png 

4.After the connection is successful appear upload ,and download speed, as picture:

LED display wireless networking program7102.png

5.Open the web browsing news test:

LED display wireless networking program7139.jpg 

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