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EX901D Function Board EX901D EX901D Functions: 1. LED Display Brightness Automatically Adjustment (Page2 to Page5) 2. Internal and External Humidity and Temperature Detection (Page6 to Page7) 3. Audio Data Output (Page 1) 4. Remote Power Control (Page 7) Interface of EX901D Power supply : 5V DC......

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EX901D Function Board



EX901D Functions: 

1. LED Display Brightness Automatically Adjustment (Page2 to Page5) 

2. Internal and External Humidity and Temperature Detection (Page6 to Page7) 

3. Audio Data Output (Page 1) 

4. Remote Power Control (Page 7)


Interface of EX901D

EX901D Function Board272.jpg 


Power supply: 5V DC by four-pin power connector or two-line power connector 

Data input/output: network cable connector RJ45 

Light sensor: extended to where the environment brightness condition is well detected. 

3.5mm audio output: audio data output

This function needs 802 Sending card. (Audio data input to 802 3.5mm audio port) The audio data comes into EX901D with network cable RJ45.

Power relays: working with AC contactor, to remote control the power on/off


Internal humidity&temperature sensor

Detecting the cabinets humidity and temperature condition 

External humidity&temperature sensor: (can be extended)

Detecting the environment humidity and temperature condition

EX901D Function Board772.png

Connection: Placed between sending card and first receiving card. Usually near the led display side.

Each card can transmit signal to 140meters by network cable

EX901D Function Board1157.png 

Note: one sending card works with ONLY one function board.


To Enable EX901D Auto Brightness Function:

1. Open LedStudio, Option, Software Setup

EX901D Function Board1324.jpg

EX901D1 Function Board1326.png 

Enter Sender tag, select Enable ExCard Bright

EX901D Function Board14251.jpg 


2. Option,SetBrightness/Contrast/Color

EX901D Function Board1499.jpg

Select Enable Adjust Bright Auto, click Save

EX901D Function Board1547.jpg

EX901D card control panel: Option, LED Screen Monitor

EX901D Function Board1604.jpg


Current Bright: the brightness read by external light sensor, 

Min Bright: set the minimum brightness for auto brightness adjust. 

Sensitivity: set the sensitivity for light sensor



Inner: the temperature detected by Internal temp sensor

Outdoor: the temperature detected by External temp sensor

Amend: if detected temperature differs to the environment temperature, amend the value.

Level of fan:Set the temperature value to activate the fan relays of Ex901D. Temperature is detected internal temp sensor

Status of fan: on/off



Inner: Internal Humidity Value 

Outdoor: External Humidity Value 

Fog function is not ready.


Switch Control

Manual: Manually control the on/off of power relays 

Rename: rename the relays names

Turn off LED screen power: Turn on/off relays (Power1, Power2, Power3) together

EX901D Function Board2454.jpg 

Note: when Manual Switch Control enable, the Turn off LED screen power will automatically disable.



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