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EX902D Function Board EX902D EX902D Functions: 1. LED Display Brightness Automatically Adjustment 2. Internal and External Humidity and Temperature Detection 3. Audio Data Output 4. Remote Power Control Interface of EX902D Power supply : 5V DC by four-pin power connector or two-line power......

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EX902D Function Board



EX902D Functions: 

1. LED Display Brightness Automatically Adjustment 

2. Internal and External Humidity and Temperature Detection 

3. Audio Data Output 

4. Remote Power Control 


Interface of EX902D

EX902D Specification220.jpg 


Power supply: 5V DC by four-pin power connector or two-line power connector 

Data input/output: network cable connector RJ45 

Light sensor: extended to where the environment brightness condition is well detected. 

3.5mm audio output: audio data output

This function needs 802 Sending card. (Audio data input to 802 3.5mm audio port) The audio data comes into EX901D with network cable RJ45.

Power relays: working with AC contactor, to remote control the power on/off


Internal humidity&temperature sensor

Detecting the cabinets humidity and temperature condition 

External humidity&temperature sensor: (can be extended)

Detecting the environment humidity and temperature condition

EX901D Function Board772.png

Connection: Placed between sending card and first receiving card. Usually near the led display side.

Each card can transmit signal to 140meters by network cable

EX901D Function Board1157.png 

Note: one sending card works with ONLY one function board.

Cascade Mode

 EX902D Specification1171.jpg

To Enable EX901D Auto Brightness Function:

1. Open LedStudio, Option, Software Setup

EX901D Function Board1324.jpg

EX901D1 Function Board1326.png 

Enter Sender tag, select Enable ExCard Bright

EX901D Function Board14251.jpg 


2. Option,SetBrightness/Contrast/Color

EX901D Function Board1499.jpg

Select Enable Adjust Bright Auto, click Save

EX901D Function Board1547.jpg

EX901D card control panel: Option, LED Screen Monitor

EX901D Function Board1604.jpg


Current Bright: the brightness read by external light sensor, 

Min Bright: set the minimum brightness for auto brightness adjust. 

Sensitivity: set the sensitivity for light sensor



Inner: the temperature detected by Internal temp sensor

Outdoor: the temperature detected by External temp sensor

Amend: if detected temperature differs to the environment temperature, amend the value.

Level of fan:Set the temperature value to activate the fan relays of Ex901D. Temperature is detected internal temp sensor

Status of fan: on/off



Inner: Internal Humidity Value 

Outdoor: External Humidity Value 

Fog function is not ready.


Switch Control

Manual: Manually control the on/off of power relays 

Rename: rename the relays names

Turn off LED screen power: Turn on/off relays (Power1, Power2, Power3) together

EX901D Function Board2454.jpg 

Note: when Manual Switch Control enable, the Turn off LED screen power will automatically disable.



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