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VP1000LED Video Processor

LS-VP1000 Hardware Video input: DVIx1, HDMIx1, VGAx1, CVBSx2, USB/SDI (optional) Video output: DVIx2, VGAx1 Audio input: HDMIx1, 3.5mm audio interface x1 Audio output: 3.5mm audio interface x1 PC control interface: USBx1 USB upgrade: USBx1 LCD screen: 2.4inches full color LCDx1 Key: x18 Knob: x1......

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VP1000 Specification12.png 



Video input: DVIx1, HDMIx1, VGAx1, CVBSx2, USB/SDI (optional) 

Video output: DVIx2, VGAx1 

Audio input: HDMIx1, 3.5mm audio interface x1 

Audio output: 3.5mm audio interface x1 

PC control interface: USBx1

USB upgrade: USBx1 

LCD screen: 2.4inches full color LCDx1 

Key: x18 

Knob: x1 

Sending card slot: x2

Product Feature

LS-VP1000 LED Video Processor , has 6 channels of video input, 3 channels of video output,1 channel of audio output , It can be widely used in engineering, rental performance, irregular/large LED display screen/mixed LED display (different spacing), large stage theater, display and exhibition, etc.

Multiple video interface: Input has HDMI,DVI,VGA,2xCVBS,SDI/USB(optional); Output has 2xDVI,VGA;

Seamless witching/Fade-in-fade-out: Pictures from 2 channels can be switched seamless, also can be fade-in-fade-out

Multiple output resolution : Many resolution can be selected (Max.2304x1152@60Hz) and user-defined resolution

2.65 million pixels supported: Maximum height can be 2000 pixels; maximum width can be 3960pixels 

Preset storage and recall: can switch to the saved scene quickly 

Audio and video synchronous: Synchronization of audio and video switching 

Chroma Key : Cut part image from one video ,then put it on another video, for example image overlapped

Support picture in picture (PIP) :The size and location of the 2 pictures can be adjustable Powerful Splicing function : Perfectly splicing,support Uniform and not uniform splicing, support 10X10 video processors to splicing 

User-defined input resolution :Can perfectly realize the PC to LED screen point to point display 

Support project lock settings : To avoid the wrong operation 

Short key settings : Black output/Normal output,Freeze, Part/Full Screen

Panel Function

VP1000 Specification1824.jpg





VP1000 Connection diagram & Interface Instruction31(001).jpgVP1000 Connection diagram & Interface Instruction127(001).jpgVP1000 Connection diagram & Interface Instruction363(001).jpg

VP1000 operation instruction0.jpgVP1000 operation instruction2.jpg

Output resolution settings

Main Menu>Output Setting —>Output Resolution->output port choice->set resolution(user-defined or standard).

●Scene preset

Load preset: press then select one preset and presszto load.

Save preset: press • then select one preset and press—to save.

Windows position and size, transparent setting

Press SIZEPOS to enter the windows setting, and choose the window to adjust position, size and transparency (transparency only for PIP windows ).

Input switching

Press to enter switching page, meanwhile some input source keys' light will flash( that means the chosen window can be switched to the input) .ln this page,pressing SWITCH again can also switch windows(when the window pattern is dot matrix means be chosen).

Multi—machine mosaic

1 .Set the output resolution to the size of the splicing area, set the size of the window 1 equal to the output resolution size.

2. Set stitching parameters: Main Menu->Multi-machine Mosaic->window 1, enable mosaic function, choose mosaic type(equal or unequal divisions) and set mosaic parameters.

3. Enable frame lock(Output Setting —>Frame Lock).lt is recommended to use standard lock mode, if video is still torn, then choose fast lock mode.

Notice: when frame synchronization signal is from windows 1, please choose windows 1 to splice.

Fade /cut switching

Main Menu—>lnput Setting->Switching Setting->choose mode, the defaut mode is cut seamles switching mode. Notice: when PIP is on, fade in & out and seamless switch can not be working.

Input Crop

Press  to set, choose the window, enable input crop function ,then adjust crop parameters.

PIP(Win2) on/off

Press  the key light on means PIP is on, the key light off means PIP is off.

USB video play, pause, next

Play & Pause: at the USB input, pressto pause, press again to play. Next: at the USB input, press"to play next.

VGA auto adjust

When not in signal switching page(switch key linght off) and there is VGA input source in output window, it will VGA auto adjust via keeping pressing a sencond.

Custom input resolution

Main Menu->lnput Setting->EDID Setting->choose input source, set input resolution.

Test pattern

1.Connect DVI input or connect DVI output to DVI input.

2.Main Menu —>Advance Setting->Test Pattern, to choose 0-60 pattern(the optimal resolution of DVI input for test pattern is 1920x1080x60).

Image quality setting

Main Menu —>Picture Setting->select windows(single or all), adjust brightness, contrast, definition, saturability and hue( hue and saturability are only available to YUV).

Chroma key

Main Menu->Chroma Key>select top window, and set image color filter parameters.

Time & task setting

Ensure that battery has been installed, or data will be lost after power off.

Set time: Main Menu->Time&Task->Time->set time.

Set mission : Main Menu->Time&Task->Task 

Setting->choose task->set

Key lock

Lock or unlock via keep pressing—key two seconds.

Freeze& Black


Press— , light on means black field output, off means normal output.


Main Menu —>Audio Setting->work mode.

Binding window: the output audio should corresponding to input source of the chosen window.

Switch follow: switch input source of any window, and audio will follow, It has nothing to do with windows.

Factory data reset

Main Menu —>Advanced setting->Factory Reset.       

blob.pnglanguage, Pres—to confirm.


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