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S4 LED Card

Control Card of Smoke MQ-2 Specs Ⅰ 、Basic Information: 1. Product Type::Control Card of Smoke 2. Product Model:MQ-2 3. Input Voltage:+5V 4. Rated Power:7.5W 5. Size:76.33MM×33.78MM 6. Using scope:smoke control Ⅱ 、Naming Rules Ⅲ 、Size and Interface Ⅴ 、Product Picture Ⅵ 、Connection Ⅶ 、Packing......

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Control Card of Smoke MQ-2 Specs


、Basic Information: 

1. Product Type::Control Card of Smoke 

2. Product Model:MQ-2 

3. Input Voltage:+5V 

4. Rated Power:7.5W 

5. Size:76.33MM×33.78MM 

6. Using scope:smoke control


、Naming Rules


、Size and Interfaceblob.png

、Technical Parameters

Performance Options

Parameter Value

Supported Screen Module

Single Color/ Dual Color/ Full Color/Virtual Pixel

Working Voltage


Working Current

1A -- 1.5A

Detectable concentration range

300-10000ppm(ppm is Volume concentration/1。 1ppm = 1 Cc /1Cm)

Detection of gas type

LPG, butane, propane, methane, alcohol,hydrogen gas, smoke ect.

Extreme Working Temperature

-10℃ ~ 50℃

Working Humidity

0% ~ 95%

、Product Picture




、Packing Content

1. Installed Smoke control panel and smoke sensor.

2. Packaged with anti-static bubble bags double.



1. Please follow the Instructions for the standard Operation. 

2. Professionals are needed to install and test the product, and it has to be anti-static. 

3. Keep away from water.

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