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LED Display In The Form Of A Luminous Material
Apr 09, 2018

The LED luminescent material of the display has the following forms:

1 LED luminous lamp (or single lamp) is generally composed of a single LED chip, reflector cup, metal anode, metal cathode, outsourcing the optical performance of the epoxy resin shell. One or more (different colors) single lamps can be used to form a basic pixel, which is often used in outdoor displays due to its high brightness.

2 LED dot matrix module Consists of a number of wafers to form a light emitting matrix, encapsulated in a plastic shell with epoxy resin. Suitable for row-and-scan driving, easy to form high-density display, and more for indoor display.

3 SMD type LED lighting (or SMD LED) is the LED welding lamp package, which can be used for indoor full-color display, can achieve a single point of maintenance, effectively overcome the mosaic phenomenon.

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