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Three Color Screen And Full Color Screen
Apr 09, 2018

A red or green LED chip or lamp tube is used as a three-color or dual-color screen, and a display screen made of one pixel is used to display red, green and blue LED chips or lamps together as a pixel display. The screen is called a three-color screen or a full-color screen. If only one color is called a monochrome or single-color screen, the pixel size of the indoor LED screen is generally 1.5-12mm. It is often used to package several LED dies that can generate different colors into one, and the pixels of the outdoor LED screen are used. The dimensions are mostly 6-41.5 mm. Each pixel consists of several single-color LEDs. The common product is called the pixel tube. The two-color pixel tube is generally composed of 2 red and 1 green, and the three-color pixel tube is 1 red. Green 1 blue composition.

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