Video Processor

  • LEDSync850M

    LedSync8 5 0 M Min i LED Video Processor I. Safety precautions Danger! There is high voltage in the processor, to prevent any unexpected danger, unless you are maintenance, please do not open the...
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  • LVP86xx Video Processor

    LVP86xx Multi-Windows Sync Processor Key features 1. Latest generation broadcast-grade video processing technology, integrating videowall processor, mixed video matrix switcher, multi-picture...
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  • LVP515 Video Processor

    LVP 515 ◆ 10+ Bit Faroudja® DCDI Cinema Processing ◆ New Faroudja® Real Color® processor ◆ Faroudja® TureLife™ Video Enhancer ◆ Seamless switch , fade in fade out, blend. ◆ Frame synchronous...
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  • LVP605 Video Processor

    LVP605 series LED HD Video Processor User Manual Chapter 1 Safety precautions Danger! There is high voltage in the processor, to prevent any unexpected hazard, unless you are a maintenance...
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  • LVP608 Video Processor

    Overview of LVP608 4K2K LED Video Processor Features Specifications ●Inputs: 1x Video; 2x VGA; 1x DVI; 1x SDI; 1x DP1.2; 1x HDMI1.4; ●Outputs: 8 X DVI; Single DVI output resolution:1920*1080_60Hz;...
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  • LVP609 Video Processor

    LVP609 Real 4K pole-definition Video processor in LED industry LVP609 upgraded picture Key features: ◆4K2K_60Hz real 4K pole-clear LED video processor, advanced interlaced motion image adaptive...
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  • LVP615 Video Processor

    LVP615 series introduction ◆New generation Faroudja® Real Color® professional LED video processor,10+ Bit Faroudja® DCDI Cinema Processing Faroudja® TureLife™ video enhancer. ◆Seamless...
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  • LVP909 Video Processor

    LVP909 LED HD Video Processor I. Product demo pictures II. Key features ◆Multiple analog and digital mixed signals input including 2*Video、1*VGA、1*HDMI、1*DVI、1*SDI / HD-SDI / 3G-SDI; ◆Outputs:...
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  • LVP7000 Video Processor

    LVP7000 series Multi-window Videowall Processor Product functions and features Highly integrated video processor with varieties of advanced image processing technologies: Seamless switching,...
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  • CK4L3000B Video Processor

    Double-Windows Video Processor Series -CK4L3000B CK4L3000B Multi-format, Double window Multi-Graphic Processor OVERVIEW: Createk Double Windows Video Processor CK4L3000B allows users to display...
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  • CK4L3000P Video Processor

    Double-Windows Video Processor Series -CK4L3000P CK4L3000P Seamless switch, Multi-format presentation Processor OVERVIEW: Createk Seamless-switching Processors CK4L3000P provides truly seamless,...
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  • CK4L6000 Video Processor

    CK4L6000 Description CK4L6000 processor can support 16 sending cards of different resolution (up to 30720*1080). Multi devices can achieve any range signals and real-time display. It could deploy...
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